5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 4 weeks pregnant now. Last week my nipples were very sensitive. But from last 2 days my nipples are less sensitive. Is my pregnancy ok? Today I visited the doctor & she gave me duphaston tablets

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Answer: Hii dear don't worry it's a good decision that u consulted doctor. this medicine is generally given when u have some harmonal disbalance .this medicine is given to secure ur pregnancy from getting miscarriage and it is generally given in first trimester .The reason that you have progesterone (name of the harmonie which is in this tablet ) in the first trimester is because the placenta is not fully functional yet and does not produce enough hormones. After 12 weeks, this is no longer an issue.s o nothing to worry. All the best
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Question: I m 30 weeks now feel very less movements from 2 days.
Answer: At this stage of pregnancy a baby is just barely large enough to press against the outer abdominal wall, which is how you feel the kicks. It's possible that your baby just has enough room to move around still, so you're not feeling the movements as much.  If you are really concerned, I would contact your doctor and ask about it. They can bring you in for a quick viability check by listening with a doppler for the baby's heartbeat.
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Question: Having severe constipation since last 2 days. Visited doctor, she gave medicine. But no result ..
Answer: Hi! Constipation is a common problem in pregnancy , there are many reasons of it from pre natal medicines to slow bowel movements. however you can follow some home remedy to get some relief apart from the medication. 1)Please increase your water consumption as it helps in bowel movement. 2)Have fibrous food which are easily digestible like green veggies, oats they have high fibre content. 3) Have isabgol every night, you can.have pitted prunes, overnight soaked raisins too as theu work as natural laxative. 4)Dont strain while you are on the loo, take time have some water and again try. Constipation do not pose any risk to your child. Good luck!
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Question: Hello doctor, my baby movement is very very less , no kicking from last 2 days , is it okay or expected?i m 33 weeks pregnant now
Answer: Listen more you will need to feel your baby's movement on daily basis 33 week now so if you are not feeling your baby movement at all from today's please visit your doctor as soon as possible
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