9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 8 weeks pregnant now. I'm having spotting and light bleeding from week 7. It has not stopped yet. My doctor said that the baby is healthy. Is there any reason to worry? Why is bleeding occuring?

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Answer: Consult your doctor ASAP... And take complete bed rest
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant and in babys position is sightly not in place..doctor has said for bed rest..is there any thng to worry??
Answer: Nothing sometime it happens... if they said bedrest jst do as they say... don't worry
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Question: Hi I'm 13 weeks pregnant and today there is light spotting..is it normal or not?
Answer: Hi, Any time you have vaginal bleeding, you should talk to your doctor. "In your second or third trimester, it could mean you have a tear in your placenta or another problem that should be diagnosed by ultrasound,"  "But don't panic, most bleeding during pregnancy doesn't lead to long-term problems." If you're in your first 12 weeks, keep in mind that many women spot during the first trimester, so bleeding probably doesn't mean you're having a miscarriage.
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Question: I had brown spotting for 3 days...now it has stopped..is there any problem?
Answer: Hello! in most cases, it’s completely harmless. The most common cause is irritation: As you know (or will soon find out), the surge of hormones and increased blood flow to the cervix can make it super-sensitive when you’re expecting. So sometimes, sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate your cervix, resulting in a bit of brown discharge or even light spotting.
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