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Question: I'm 32 weeks pregnant now.... During by 6th month scan report says that the baby position is breech.... Will my baby position change to head down position??

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Answer: Yes dear, At about 32 weeks about 25% of babies are not in a “cephalic” (head down) position. It is normal for the baby to turn head down even by about 34 weeks. So don't worry! It is a concern if the baby is not head down at 36 weeks and beyond.
Answer: Baby LL change position till 36th week so Don worry dear
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Question: Baby is in breech position. I'm 32 weeks. Will the baby turn head down?
Answer: In India if baby is in breech presentation they will do ceasarene only.if u want normal delivery then start exercising.do lots of walking around, in YouTube u can get exercises for breech presentation baby .. After 36th weeks it's very difficult to change baby's position.try for ECV before 36th week if baby's head has not cm down. I too had breech presentation .baby didn't changed the position.i did lots of walking, exercises.I was in 39th week.her head was fixed dr tried ECV also but baby's weight was more it was unsuccessful.so I had undergone ceasarene.
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Question: Will the position of baby change from breech to head down during the rest of pregnancy??
Answer: yes dear, this time u cant judge accurate position of yr baby. he/she is moving inside u all the time.... so dont worry, at the time of delivery, baby will change his position, get his head down.for delivery... so dont worry... have chill and enjoy yr pregnany without stress
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Question: In my scan the baby position is breech. Will it come to head down position by the end of term
Answer: Hi..It is normal and nothing to worry about. Baby can change their position at the last moment also. In the last trimester, the mom should not take much stress. It will afffect the baby more. So, dont worry.Everything that happens...will happen only for Good. Trust in God and trust in ur doc... all will be good
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Question: I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Now my baby is in head down position. Will it change its position to breech or it settles there itself???
Answer: Once after coming to head down baby doesn't changes again it fixes der itself until ur delivery
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