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Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant . nipples are very itching on and off .is this normal ?

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Answer: These things happens due to harmonal changes. Don't worry. Apply coconut oil.
Answer: Yes its normal use queridram cream on yr nipples itching will be gone
Answer: My paining not itching If my huby suck it pains more n more
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Question: My nipples get very itchy and I can see that some skin are peeling off too like a flake... Is this normal? I am 6 months pregnant now
Answer: Hi dear Almost all the women who are pregnant will have this.some areas like nipples, underarms, neck will become dark in colour during pregnancy.This is quite common.It will automatically disappear after delivery .All u have to do is just clean the nipples before feeding ur baby with some some wet cloth .The flakes will go off while vleaning gradually
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Question: I'm 11 weeks pregnant.suffering from headache on and off I'm taking this normal or should I contact doctor?
Answer: Its quite common during pregnancy. Paracetamol is not preferred tablet during pregnancy.. go for Dolo , doctor Suggested me the same. But I suggest you to take the table only if u feel unbearable headache.
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Question: Hi I'm 27 weeks pregnant nipples are itching some times what is the reason behind this and is there any problem??
Answer: Hello dear,  Mild itching during pregnancy is normal in most cases. It's also common. You may feel especially itchy around your belly and breasts as your skin stretches to accommodate their increased size...As your breasts grow, the sensitive skin in this area stretches, which can trigger a persistent itch. Slathering on a cocoa butter or vitamin E body lotion after showering can keep your skin supple and prevent itching. Creams, such as calamine lotion, are safe to use in pregnancy and can provide some relief from itching. You may be offered a vitamin K supplement. This is because OC can affect your absorption of vitamin K, which is important for healthy pregnancy.  Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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