32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant. My baby movement was very first bt from 2/3 days I realize baby movement very slow. Is it normal or i should go to Dr.

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Answer: Uh should make a visit to a dr...coz in 31 weeks....baby movt must b felt 10 tyms a day...
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Question: I'm 21 weeks pregnant today morning to my baby movement was very slow I'm worried
Answer: Slight variation in baby movements during the day is normal as it depends on many factors like obesity, your movements,fetal position,fetal sleep,bright light, loud noise,strong smell etc. Till the time it is regular nothing to worry Incase of sudden fluctuations in movement it is best to consult your doctor. Try flashing a torch on your tummy or listening to music or even talking to your baby to encourage movement monitor the baby movements.Minimum requirement is of 10 kicks in 12 hours. In case of no improvement do consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant, ma baby movement becomes very slow from 2 days, bt before it was too high. Am so worried about it & also from 3 days am feeling very tiered & sweating alot. Is it any problem
Answer: Hello! The minimum movements of the baby should be 10 good ones. But if at any point the movements seem lighter or less than 10, please consult the doctor immediately. As for sweating it might be due to the weather. Also tired ness is common as you advance to the end of pregnancy.. But at any point you feel doubtful then please consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: My baby movement is very slow from 2 days what should I do
Answer: Hi dear this is normal at durning 34 week.while baby is growing the space in stomach will be less so baby movement will be less than before. You can even contact your doctor and cross check it.
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