27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 25 weeks pregnant my baby lateral ventrical is 8mm is it normal ?

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Answer: Dear your baby's lateral ventricle is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about it..
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Question: Hi I Am 5 month pregnant my baby lateral ventrical measures 8mm, is it a concern?
Answer: The same happened with me during the 7th month.. Left ventricle was 8.1mm and Dr told upto 10mm, it's not an issue but she needs to monitor.. Hence suggested a scan post 3 weeks... I underwent the scan and it has become 7.6, though not much less... But Dr told it's okay,,, Her concern was just that it should not go up... Dr may monitor ur case even and suggest a scan... Mostly things would be all normal... Don't worry... Best Wishes :)
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Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant and my baby brain water is 8mm is it normal
Answer: Hi Dear! The condition is called ventriculomegaly where the brain ventricle has free fluid fr both the its needed to be monitored and evaluated. If its only the left ventricle and mild anf curable you may need to go for screen tests and following your Dr.s instruction is important.. Hope this helps!
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Question: is lateral ventricles 8mm size normal?
Answer: Hi Please do get the repeat scan done. It will help your doctor monitor the ventricle size. Based on the growth or size of ventricle your doctor may advise further tests like fetal MRI. If it is mildly enlarged without associated complications then there is a possibility to resolve on its own. however in severe cases it could lead to neurological problems if not treated timely. Certain procedures may be required to be done after birth too with help of neurosurgeons.
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