31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant. My amniotic fluid index is 22 cm. Is there any problem for this.?

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Answer: Hi dear it is a bit higher as fluid till 18 is normal. Plz take a good care of urs and monitor ur baby movement. Do consult doctor and follow their medicines and instructions.
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    NM K1028 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: Hello, I'm 19 weeks pregnant. My amniotic fluid index is 231mm. Is this something to worry about?
Answer: Hi dear... AFI more than 24 is considered as polyhydraminos or increased amniotic fluid volume... treatment is... Amniocentesis is done. Draining excess fluid Medicines are also available to decrease fluid by decreasing fetal urine level...
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Question: I'm 36 weeks pregnant and my amniotic fluid index is 11 cm.is it normal???
Answer: Yes it is ok for 36 weeks. Ideally 12 cm is what they say is perfect..but thts alright if you have 11 cm instead..mine was 13.6 cm.
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Question: Am 22: week pregnant my Amniotic fluid index is 17.0 cm is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear... your amniotic fluid level is within the normal range of 8-18 dear...so there's no need to be worried about it dear...
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