32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii..I m 33 weeks pregnant. I have swelling in my legs nd in my hand ..is it normal...swelling is more in right leg nd right hand

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Answer: yes its normal dear pairo ko latkar mat baithna dont stand for a long time oil massage will help u and dip your feet in luke warm water
Answer: in this stage swelling is normal
Answer: you have to a lot of water.
Answer: have coconut water
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Question: Am 16wk pregnant i have swelling in leg and hand is it normal
Answer: Hello ma'am . Congratulation for your pregnancy . Swelling is normal in pregnancy because when u r pregnant ur blood volume and bodily fluids increased by 50%. Remedies :- 1) don't sit and stand for long period of time . 2) use gravity to your advantage - one great way to relieve the swelling is by putting your feet up often. 3) drink more water - drinking more water will actually help you get rid of excess fluids.  4) drink less caffeine 5) exercise regularly - Regular exercise optimise the circulatory system so that excess water doesn’t pool in the legs or hands. 6) try apple cider vinegar- Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup or two of water, and drink twice a day. 7) eat healthy deit . Thanku
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