20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant..i have posterior placenta..Is there any problem with Posterior placenta

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Answer: Posterior Placenta is just the attachment of placenta to the uterus at the back wall. never creates any complication during pregnancy until and unless it is not low lying or covering the uterus opening
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Question: I had 20 weeks ultrasound with low lying placenta ..is there any problem
Answer: hi dear! low lying placenta has many types like if the placenta is touching the internal os of the cervix or covering the internal os of the cervix or partially covering the internal os of the cervix. so accordingly the problem occurs. if the placents is just touching the internal os then there is no problem for it. if the placenta is covering the internal os partially or fully will have problems at then the delivery hsa to be done by c section as the placenta will be covering the birth canal . take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: Hi im 22 weeks pregnant,in 20 weeks scan i have low lying placenta.is there any problem with this?low lying placenta with 1.9 mm
Answer: In most of the cases placenta goes upwards as baby grow in size. Avoid any kind of jerk. Avoid sex. Take completely bed rest. If it will not go upwards then you should go for ceaserean delivery. In that case normal delivery is not possible. So hope for the best. Tc
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Question: Is there any problem in posterior placenta?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Placentas typically attach themselves in the back side of the utreus it is called posterior Placenta, but when your placenta is anterior it is right up in the front. There would be no problem. Take care.
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Question: Hello. I m 22 weeks pregnant. But I can't feel baby's movements. I have anterior placenta also. Is there any problem with this kind of placenta
Answer: Hi, Anterior placenta is the placenta which is placed towards your belly button. Hence in such case placenta works as shock absorber for baby kicks. So don't worry in few more weeks (2-4) your baby will be stronger and you will start feeling baby movements. Take care of yourself.
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