9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 9 weeks pregnant. I have headache since 2 days.. can anyone tell any remedy??

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Answer: Use a Hot Compress Low blood circulation due to shrinking blood vessels can also cause headaches. A hot compress helps in alleviating the pain by expanding the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to the brain. Tension headaches are better treated with a hot compress. Things needed for a hot compress 1. A clean towel 2. A bowl of hot watersoak the towel in the bowl of water
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Question: Hi...I got cough cold....can anyone tell any remedy...M 37 weeks pregnant
Answer: Warm, salt-water gargles help by drawing out the mucus and reducing the painful swelling in the throat. Salt also quells the itching sensation in the throat. Nasal strips These sticky tabs gently help to open up nasal passages so that you can breathe easier. Drink plenty of water  It is important to stay hydrated as some common cold symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose can cause slight dehydration. Avoid drinks with caffeine as they may dehydrate you. Honey and lemon Hot water with honey and lemon can work miracles. Honey soothes your throat and the vitamin C in the lemon boosts the immune system.  Ginger juice helps relieve the pain.  
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Question: I am having headache since two days,i have not taken any med,could anyone suggest me any natural remedy??is it normal to have headache during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear don't worry had a common problem during pregnancy it is good that you didn't take any medicines you can take more warm water that helps to suit the headache you can also use warm water to wash your face you can also take steam that helps to relieve from the pain make sure you didn't sleep any of your mail because when you don't eat at right time that may cause pain and if you don't take enough sleep that will also cause pain everyday you must sleep before 11 p.m. and you should have at least 8 hours of sound sleep if not you will get headache issues and the other problem is if you use electronic gadget more that may also cause headache so try to avoid using mobile phones often to cure from the pain you can boil coriander seed with mint leaves dry ginger and take this warm water this helps to relief from
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant and I have severe headache since 2 days can I take any headache medicine like Saridon or Disprin?
Answer: Hi,Dear congratulations, Headaches are quite common in first trimester, For  headache, apply a cold compress or ice pack at the base of your neck. Maintain your blood sugar by eating smaller, more frequent meals – this may also help prevent future headaches. Get a massage – massaging your shoulders and neck is an effective way to relieve pain.Dont take Saridon or Disprin.
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Question: Hello... i m 9 weeks pregnant. Mujhe gas ka problem ho raha hai uske wajah se headache aur uneasy feel ho raha hai. Can anyone suggests any remedy ??
Answer: Hi, congratulations for your pregnancy Gas and acidity yeh pregnancy mein normal symptoms Hain. Aapko uske liye yeh home remedies try Karni Chahiye Aap fibre rich food lijiye Lime green vegetables and carrots Aap fibre supplements lijiye Aap ginger paste with honey 1 teaspoon lijiye Aao har do ghantey kuch khana chahiye Aapko spicy and oily food avoid karna Chahiye Aap cold milk pijiye. Isse aapko help hogi
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