20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 19 weeks pregnant Dr suggested me fetal scan that results ll normal but after they suggested me quadruple marker test is it necessary to do test

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Answer: Hi dear, it's best to get it done if doctor has asked you to, as there can be a possibility that doctor might have suspected something and as its baby's well-being so better to get it done. Hope it will also be negative. Take care
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    Kushal Ghanekar1131 days ago

    ty mam and my fetal test was normal and shall I do quadruple test

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    Kushal Ghanekar1130 days ago

    my blood was 10.82is it OK for pregnancy

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    Kushal Ghanekar1129 days ago

    please reply

Answer: ty ma'am my test report came it was negative and low risk
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Question: Hello i am 19 weeks pregnant doctor suggested me to do double marker test but on that time 13weeks completed so...they said we cannot do double markr test....but now they suggested me tlo do triple marker test...but my NT scanning also normal. .whether its necessary to do triple marker test
Answer: Hi dear.. Double marker test is usually suggested to everyone.. As u have completed 13 weeks they advised u to take triple marker test.. Don't worry, give ur sample and relax.. everything will be alright.. take care
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Question: It is necessary to do quadruple marker test??
Answer: It's preferable... It is done to assess the risk to the baby from certain health problems mainly chromosome disorders like down syndrome, trisomy 18, neural tube defects etc...
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Question: I m 14 weeks pregnant..mt dr suggested me for Nt scan and i heard they also do doube marker test.....but she didnt suggested me for that...
Answer: Usually nt scan and duble marker blood test is done in third month together
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