25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 24 weeks pregnant doctor had asked me to pull my nipples with coconut oil or a moisturiser in my 1st trimester but its not coming out. it would make a problem while breastfeeding any solutions plz ??

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Answer: yes do regularly what your doctor said coz with inverted nipples you can't breastfeed the baby.
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Question: Its my 35th week im getting a problem while sleeping. Before i use to sleep by 11 pm but now i can't sleep before 1.30am / 2.00am. Help me out with some solutions?
Answer: It's normal for all pregnant women's even I faced the same problem as the delivery date gets near our sleep time will also get decreased so don't worry.....
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Question: Am a breastfeeding monther and my tsh is 5 so can i take coconut oil with one Glass of milk daily morning as home remedy to cure it without meds please help me out of it
Answer: You should take medicine to control it because this time you breastfeeding also you can try home remedies bt after stopping breastfeed only.coconut oil is good but it can't cure thyroid .
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Question: Hi, I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I have rashes on my hands, legs. Its very itching. Should i contact doctor or it is common problem? Please reply
Answer: Hi Would say you should definitely contact your gynaclogist as this might have been triggered by some external element While mild itching is normal but rashes and severe itching needs examinations
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