14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 13 weeks pregnant... cn i hav chowmein nd spring roll nd momos once in a while????

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Answer: Yes once in a while you can have them. Avoid junk food and processed food because they are low in nutrients and may cause food poisoning sometimes.
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    Priyanka Khanijo972 days ago

    ok thnx..

Answer: Hello! Yes you can eat but in small amount coz this kind of food is not healthy or nautritious.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant ... Is it safe to eat momos once in while ..like say in a month
Answer: Hi, you can have but try to have from a good place where you know that they maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
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Question: Can I eat chowmein or noodles once in a while??
Answer: Chowmein or noodles are not healthy as they contain MSG in them which weakens the placental barrier...but if you still crave for it try making it at home without adding msg(ajino moto)
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Question: i m havng the cravings of yippee noodles.. cn i eat once in a while ?
Answer: If u have severe craving.. Then just have a spoon only. Pls dnt take over
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