16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii...I m 14 weeks pregnant...can I eat til gazak patti ?

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Answer: No.
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Question: Hii.. i m 14 weeks pregnant.. can i eat ghee??
Answer: Definitely u can eat ghee., But too much. For pregnant women, there is a necessity to include Ghee in their diets on a daily basis. 5 to 8 teaspoons of fat is the medical recommendation for fat intake in pregnancy, out of which 10% to 12% from Saturated fats are necessary. Ghee makes” smart babies” being a direct source of Good Cholesterol. Please do remember that the intake of Ghee can help you look younger and act smarter, but cannot decide your mode of delivery- whether it would be normal or Caesarean. Hence, just eat it with respect, in a way
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