14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 14 weeks pregnant.... but still my stomach size not increased... and now I feel very normal... no tiredness... it's a common?

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Answer: Its coman my first preg same thing is happen even i m 5 month preg but stomach size is incresed very small but in back portion u feel increse its happen
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Question: Dear Doctors and mothers I'm a 21 weeks pregnant mom still I'm not a feel my babys movement it's a normal or any problem???
Answer: Yes dear it's absolutely normal as this is your 1st pregnancy you will feel baby movements by end of 6th month mostly
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Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant ,I feel tired and sleepy it's normal or not
Answer: Yes its quiet normal in pregnany. Sleep when u feel sleepy, take coconut water, lime water, stay hydrated. Eat lite and healthy food.
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Question: Hello I'm 8 weeks pregnant I'm getting abdomen stomach pain, tiredness and legs pain is it common
Answer: Hi dear Mild abdominal cramps and spotting is normal during pregnancy It's due to hormonal changes If it's severe abdominal pain consult your doctor immediately
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Question: My upper stomach always feels heavy and it's only large in size my lower stomach it's feel normal still now I didn't get the movements of my baby is baby is safe I really worried lot please help me
Answer: Don't worry dear...ur upper stomach feels heavy because of the pressure of the uterus and there is nothing to worry if u are not feeling ur baby movement as I too started to feel after 20 weeks...take care
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