27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 26 weeks pregnant, but my baby is in the slainting area when i sleep on the left side, the baby's head comes under the tummy, then his starting moving there will be no problem for her brain.pls ans me

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Answer: hello.. dear there is no problem this is your normal baby movements... dont worry... all the best
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Question: Hi mothers... If baby's spine is in left side then where the baby's head will be? Pls reply
Answer: hi have replied to your question. please check in the me section of the app.
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Question: I feel more comfortable to sleep on right rather then left. On left side i feel my baby's head. So , is it safe to sleep on right ?
Answer: S But for normal delivery u should sleep in left side By my experience its girl baby
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Question: Pls answer.... Baby's spine is in left side... So where the baby's head will be?
Answer: hello dear dont worry sometimes babies move around then it will normal. The baby faces towards the mother’s back between the right hip and the spine of his or her mother. The crown of the LOA baby’s head most often enters the pelvis first. Tucking the chin helps the baby fit the pelvis in a way that the baby’s head can mold (shape) most effectively to fit the pelvis. The baby’s back can curve most effectively in this position. The baby slides down the softening abdomen in the last weeks of pregnancy to enter the brim. The head enters the pelvic brim at about 38 weeks in a first-time mom, perhaps later in an experienced birthing woman.
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Question: Guys when v sleep on left side will left hand be up on stomach or the right hand
Answer: When u sleep on left side it right hand would be free to put on stomach
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