21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 20 weeks pregnant bath pandrapa breast la liquid mathiri varuthu y apdi varuthu ethavathu problem ah?

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Answer: Hello dear I am so sorry I don't know this language.. Can you please type and post your question in English
Answer: due to hormonal changes breast leakage is common during pregnency.. and it is developing for breast milk
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Question: hi sister.... enoda breast la touch panumpothu rompa pain ah iruku... y?
Answer: Dnt worry pa Ur breasts are getting ready for lactation. Have hot or cold massages and wear comfy bras. If unbearable consult Ur doc
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Question: right side thirumbi adutha ethuvum problem ah? left side ae padutha kai, ribs la valikuthu.. evlo neram apdi padukalam?
Answer: Hi... Well there is so harm is sleep in right lateral position... Left lateral position is preferred because it reduces leg swelling... I understand you can't sleep only in one position... But it's ok to change position and sleep....
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Question: Gud mor doctor, Enaku 20 days ah acidity problem eruku Pls ethavathu solution solunga
Answer: Hello dear if you are having acidity problem so you can have coconut water or buttermilk to control that if you have any other issue please write your query in English as your language is not completely understandable to me
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