23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 22 weeks pregnant and suffering from cold and fever.. my doctor has prescribed paracetamol.. my question is there any side effects regarding the medicine?

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Answer: Hello Dear fever cold cough are very common in pregnancy as our body becomes very delicate n prone to smallest of infection. Paracetamol as SOS yes yu can take it is still considered safe in pregnancy but in limit yu jus can't pop up pill whenever u in slightest pain. Try these remedies it may help *Eat healthy diet with lots of green vegetables,fruits n extra vitamin c. *Stay hydrated with water, juices, herbal tea *Plenty of rest *add two or three drops of eucalyptus oil in steamer inhale the steam *Boil Tulsi black pepper in water till half in quantity strain add honey n drink *Ginger juice with honey helps a lot in cough *Gargle with salt n little jaldi water *Drink chicken soup or vegetable soup with little black pepper in it *Have tumeric milk with black pepper elachi before bed time. Hope this helps
Answer: Hi,mostly paracetamol us safest and can be taken during pregnancy there is no harm in that if your Dr has prescribed you can take this meds. If your fever goes high you can out room temp water pattis on the forehead that will help the temp to come down For cold you can also try home remedies Do Steamalation. Do salt water gargling Apply vicks Apply euclyptus oil Roast ajwain and do it's saik All this should help
Answer: No, paracetamol is completely safe during pregnancy. My doctor also prescribed me.
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Question: Maam I'm 3months pregnant from two days I'm suffering from cold and fever. So took paracetamol tablet.. Is there any problems by taking that tablet please help me
Answer: Hi, please do not take medicines without consulting the doctor at any point of time during pregnancy. For cold take home remedies ,if the fever is high then consult the doctor. For cold take steam, kadha prepared from black peppercorns, tulsi and ginger,, have warm turmeric milk. This will help in cold.
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Question: I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I'm in more cold fever. I take medicine paracetamol and cough syrup by consult of doctor. Is it harmful for my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, simple Paracetamol is considered safe medicine during pregnancy and if the cough syrup is given by your doctor then it is also safe to consume in pregnancy, don't worry.
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Question: My doctor has prescribed for betnesol injection, is their any side effects of this injection to my baby and me. I'm 37 weeks pregnant
Answer: It's for baby's lungs formation and to avoid preterm labour.
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