23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant and sometimes i feel pressure n pain in my uterus what's the reason of that?

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Answer: Hello dear It is normal to feel pain and a bit heaviness in vagina. It's not just the third trimester when those aches and general feelings of heaviness may strike but u can feel it in ur entire pregnancy. Remedies for vaginal pain: 1. Rinsing the area with cool water. 2. Soaking in cool or warm baths. 3. Using topical ice packs wrapped in a towel. 4. Heating pad use, may help some women. 5. Using mild, unscented soaps and detergent.
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Question: I m 9 weeks pregnant n get stomach cramps sometimes.. What's the reason for such severe stomach cramps
Answer: Hi,this could be due to gas or acidity You can try these home remedies Have peppermint Have cold milk or Ginger honey paste one teaspoon Have fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots Have prunes and figs Have small meals every two hours Have adequate water This should help.
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant n i sometimes feel strong pain in lower abdomen wat can b the reason ???
Answer: It's baby pressure coming on to the abdomen & vagina. Completely normal
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Question: HI m 17 weeks pregnant sometimes I fell something vibration in my stomach what's that?
Answer: Hi dear, am also faced the same situation. After that I came to know it is early symptoms of baby movements. Wait for some days then u vl feel ur baby movements clearly
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