26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 25 weeks pregnant and my Gct is 328 mg/dl. Is this something to worry

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Answer: Hello dear, During pregnancy a normal sugar level should be, In fasting less than 95 mg/dL,  1 hour after eating less than 140 mg/dL,  and 2 hour after eating less than 120 mg/dL . Your level is too much high, immediately consult your doctor and start medicine. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: I'm 26 weeks pregnant and my Gct is 328 mg/dl. Is it something to worry
Answer: Hi. Yes your gct is too high. Nornml gct is 140mg/dl. You need to control this. first of all contact your doctor they would prescribe you some medicines do take them on time. Avoid carbohyderate. Add soluble fiber in your diet. Drink plenty of water this will help kidneh remove excess sugar.
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Question: GCT result in 13 weeks says 128 mg/dl. Is this normal?
Answer: GCT is generally done between 24 weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy and value below 130mg/dl is normal...GCT is Glucose Challenge Test so it's normal in you.
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Question: I m 32 weeks pregnancy..my gct level is 149.1 mg/dl ..is it serious???
Answer: Stop using sugar, as the limit of gct is less than 140. Pls consult your Gyniac.
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