13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 12 weeks pregnant and im having light pain on right side of my stomach .Is this normal pain or should i consult a doctor?

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Answer: Yes I guess because our body harmaones get changed everything .as the doctor has said you to wait just wait for a week .our body depends on what we eat also.Too much of heat makes our period prepone and vice versa
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Question: 8 weeks pregnant .having light pain on right side
Answer: Hi, Take plenty of rest and avoid any hard household chores for 1st 3 months. Walk slowly, drink plenty of fluids, avoid using stairs, don't bend down and lie straight when resting. It will help.
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Question: hello.. I'm 6 weeks pregnant & I'm having pain in left side & upper side of stomach.. also this pain increases suddenly in a night time.. is it normal.. ??
Answer: It is common to have abdominal pain as the ligaments surrounding your uterus stretch during your first trimester. Try moving around slowly, lie down and relax with your feet up. If the pain is severe and includes vaginal bleeding or burning during urination then please consult your Doctor at the earliest. Don't worry it will all be good.
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Question: Em 15th week pregnant but sometime having pain on right side of stomach so should i worry abt this or is it normal in pregnancy. Plz advise
Answer: Hi, If you're feeling sharp cramps on one side of your stomach, and you've yet to have an ultrasound, your doctor will want to rule out an ectopic pregnancy . call if the pain is intense or recurrent, since it could be anything from contractions to appendicitis.
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