10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 10 weeks pregnant and i m diagnosed with hcv virus as reactive 1.41 instead of 1 which is the normal range.. please advise what to do?

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Question: I m 10 week's pregnant and m detected with HSV (herpes simplex virus) . What advice is for me.
Answer: Hsv infection during pregnancy may be transmitted to foetus and it can cause your skin lesion as well as fetal malformations I will advise you to take the treatment because antiviral drug are the most preferred mode of treatment your doctor will also brief you about the vaginal delivery with it will be possible for a vaginal delivery to happen or not it will all depend on the subsequent cultures which would be taken of your genital secretions and if the test positive then vaginal delivery will not be done it is important that you should take antiviral drugs on time and bed rest and have your water intake increased upto 3.5 litres every day You can involve in normal sexual life and eat everything no restrictions.
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Question: Sir i am h HCV reactive with 3rd month pregnancy.please tell me the diet chart which is suitable for my liver and also baby.
Answer: There is as such no extra or limited deit for HCV. But you must follow normal pregnancy duet and avoid saturated/transfats, packaged foods, cold drinks, and uncooked meat, sea food. For a deit chart you must consult a good dietician to help you with a chart. Rest you can eat everything. Papaya and pineapple should be in moderation. Raw papaya/raw banana--- not to be taken. Take care.
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Question: I am 2 month pregnant and my dr advices me to do HCV test.what is the use of this test and is it HCV or anti HCV?
Answer: It's too know if you are suffering fr8m hepatitis c or not. Every pregnant woman has to do this test.
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