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Question: I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I have severe pain in my right ribs extending towards back. I have consulted the doctor and they think it's because of gastric. Even after taking the medication I still have pain. Suggestion pls.

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Answer: I do not worry it should say to you can do on water compression you can also get oil massage done this will have to give you relief you should try this for gas and acidity you should take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice a day you can take peppermint one thing thrown twice a day you should also take cold milk which will help you
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Question: I have pain in left ribs just above stomach it's very sharp pain. even can't sleep because of this.
Answer: Hey, Towards the end of pregnancy women find it difficult to breathe because the growing uterus presses against the lungs due yo which the full functionality of lungs is hindered, giving breathing issues. Sometimes it's pain in ribs. Once baby will move down you breathing issues/pain will be resolved. till then rest as much as you can.
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Question: I have 24 hours pain in my left side ribs, sometimes it is severe also, and it's paining since long. what's the reason?
Answer: Pregnancy rib pain can be the result of your baby physically kicking you in the ribs, stretching out under your ribs, or just moving by your ribs. The pain can also be caused by your muscles stretching out. In some rare cases, it might be caused by a medical complication.
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Question: I have severe pain in right ribs.. It's hurting me alot... Can't able to sleep, stand, sit..
Answer: Hi,this is because increasing uterus can cause preassure in the diaphragm which causes difficulty in breathing,so don't worry. You should keep a pillow behind your back and also keep.tour back.erect or sleep in elevated pillow to get relief. This will help
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