7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 6 weeks pregnant and i have done my scan doc said the growth of the baby is less then 4 weeks so she suggested me to abort the baby and she called for a check up again so yesterday I went for a checkup she denied to what she said and ask me to scan again after a week... I m very much worried plz suggest me

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Answer: Dear its said that at 7 8 week the sac is seen in scan so plz wi8 and do consult other drs too best of luck hope u have a healthy pregnancy
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Question: Today i m going through normal routine checkup then doctor said me that there is no heart beat and growth in your baby....she suggested me abort your child.....i m worried...plz suggest me
Answer: Hello. I understand your situation and emotions but I m sorry to say If its alive, cardiac activity would have present and if its not present fetal death might have occurred.And you should get it removed, Because our human body sees this fetus as a foreign body and antibodies will be produced against it, which can create further complications So kindly consult a gynecologist and get further management done soon.
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Question: I am 32 week pregnant... And had a check up and scan in 29 weeks ... Doctor mentioned that baby's abdominal circumference is 27 weeks means 2 weeks less... And she said baby growth was less... She gave some tablets for that.... Please tell any problems will happen by this for my baby... And how increase the growth... What can i do for this?
Answer: Do not worry. Take tablets as given by doctor and eat healthy food. More of ghee butter fruits vegetables paneer. These will definitely help. All the best
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Question: Hi.. I am running in 7 month. Today i went to my dr and she said that clinically it seems that baby growth is not up to the mark. She advice for a scan. I am very worried.
Answer: There is nothing to be worried about. First get the scan done, then only doctor can be sure. My baby's growth was 3 weeks behind at 32-33 weeks. But I took full bed rest with good diet and my baby had no problems due to this.
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