6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..... I m 6 weeks pregnant according to my LMP .. and today is my first karwachouth vrat... If i dont drink water till night .so i want to know ki mera kuch nhi khana pina mere baby ko harm to nhi krega na. Bcz mujhe abhi se unwell lg rha h water nhi piya h to. .

Answer: Hi dear, Please refrain from fasting during pregnancy.it is never recommended.during pregnancy lot of hormonal fluctuations keep happening,and most of them are directly or indirectly linked to body functions.when you fast at this stage,you put more stress to your body.your sugar levels go haywire and it could lead to fainting episodes,which is definitely not expected at this stage.it could lead to pre term labor too.dehydration during this adds more stress too.
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    Anonymous Mom119 days ago

    Okay mam. Dont worry i drink juice and water to. And i m fi9 totally.. thanku

Answer: When I had my first karva, my mother gave me fruits and water at 11 am, then after Katha at 4 pm. It is done to avoid situation that u are in. Ask your elders and take something to eat and drink.
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    Vanita Garg119 days ago

    Even now when I m breastfeeding my 6 month old, I had milk and fruits at 11 am, will repeat that at 4. So that baby and me are both safe and healthy.

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    Shefali Ajmera119 days ago

    Ok dear. By the way i had drink and orange juice at pm and also drink water at 5 too. Thank you

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