22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 22 weeks pregnancy now my baby in breech position how to change this position to normal

2 Answers
Answer: The baby's position changes during pregnancy. It is possible that the breech may get corrected. However if the breech persists the delivery will have to be through a c section.
Answer: Don't worry. There is time for the baby to get into cephalic position.here after ur baby will be actively moving thru ur womb.
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Question: Hi... In my 33 weeks scanning report, it shows some excess amount of water and noted borderline polyhydramnios. Is it any serious issue? How to solve this problem
Answer: You have borderline polyhydramnios , so it will not cause any major complication for your pregnancy because you r already 33 weeks pregnant. I don't think doctor will suggest you any medicine for that as well. Keep yourself hydrated but I had taking extra salt in your diet. don't worry recently one of my friend delivered healthy baby with the polyhedroaminos condition. Take care.
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Question: Hi... I feel hungry during night... That disturbs my sleep... Is this normal?.. how to avoid this?
Answer: Yes dear, night hunger and craving is very normal in pregnancy and you can keep handy foods like cookies, biscuits, crackers or dry fruits to meet your hunger. I experienced the same throughout my pregnancy and I used to eat mostly puffed rice to avoid any chances of getting gas and acidity. Also drink lots of water with it. Hope it helps.
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Question: Am currently at 64kgs...i think this is too much how to reduce weight or atleast how to maintain this weight throughout my pregnancy?
Answer: Pregnancy is not the time to do dieting or loosing weight, unless you are losing weight spontaneously. avoid junk food fried food sweets sugary foods in your regular diet and maintain a healthy protein rich diet that include milk and other dairy product, green vegetables and citrus fruits, dry fruits beans , beans, lentils & if you are non vegetarian you can eat egg and lean meat as well. Also you have to include 8-10 glasses of water in your area that and doing some exercise like walking for an hour daily, that will help.
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