35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 34 weeks n 6 days pregnant.. My placenta grade is 0 in today's scan. Is it normal to have grade 0 maturity at this point of time?

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Answer: No, can't be zero. Even early scans mein b level 1 hota h. At this point it increases to 2 and then three.
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Question: In 32 weeks placenta maturity 0 is normal
Answer: Yes I had zero grade at third trimester too..so nothing to be worried..placenta need not mature .in a way it is good as baby would get enough blood and nutrition..
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Question: I'm pregnant with 15 weeks...in my scan placenta is low lying...any problem during delivery..what's impact of this
Answer: I too had this problem on my 7th month scan my plecenta went up Don't worry about it There is Chance it ll go up while baby grows U just need to take rest and don't travel too much Have enough nutritions Just take
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Question: Hello. What does it mean by anterior grade 3 maturity ? I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Cephalic position of baby.. got a oral report of my ultrasound scan
Answer: dear anterior means of front so it is understood that your placenta is attached to the front wall of uterus and grade 3 is the ageing of your placenta and cephalic means that your baby is in head down position
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