39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 38 weeks 4 days pregnant My cervix was dilated 1cm before a month Baby is in posterior position My doctor informed baby head is down but not fixed Also in last scan doctor told baby is little small My pelvis is paining a lot while I walk or turn to sides in bed Stomach is flat Heart burn Doctor said if I don't get pain within due date I'll be induced as cervix already opened so no worries normal delivery is possible.. Please tell me how to engage baby into my pelvis n there is any chances if c section

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Answer: Hello If cervix is dilated ur baby is prone to infection pls talk to ur doctor on wt to do n soon. Hope I helped
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Question: I'm 39 weeks pregnant, cervix is 1 cm dilated, my doctor said this Monday if cervix dilate more good else we will give injections to soften muscles. Does this mean I'll deliver Monday?
Answer: Let me know anything I should be aware of.. Thanks
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Question: At which week cervix starts to dilate? I'm 37 weeks 5 days pregnant.. today in internal examination doctor said my cervix is not dilated and she would go for induced labor in the coming week? plz suggest
Answer: it was exactly my situation. even my cervix never dilate so i had induced labour and had normal delivery. trust your doctor and follow her instructiions.
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Question: If I make my baby sleep flat on back she wakes up with in few mins but if slept on sides she sleeps for hours.. Is it ok to sleep on sides.. Is it safe?
Answer: It's fine dear. Baby sleeps as they feel comfortable. Baby sleep in sides for some days. It will change soon do not worry.
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Question: Hi my baby didn't drop into my pelvis yet im 39 weeks now and my baby is in cephalic position but head not fixed... plz suggest me some tips
Answer: Walk as much as possible , do houshold work , eat dates, be active But do it carefully and be positive Every thing will be fine dont worry. Be happy
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