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Question: I m 10 weeks and i have hyper tension blood pressure. I m prescribed medicine to control it. Is high bp affects the growth of my child?

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Answer: Hi Dear! Yes BP does affect the growth of your child.. You need to be stress free. Try meditating. Following what the doc says is important. Reduce salt in food, no sweets, junk food or restaurant food..walking daily will help a lot.. Be stress free and completely at peace. Sometimes bp can be Anxiety related. I have had high bp because of being worried whether the baby was ok etc . Go by doc instructions as high bp needs to be controlled. Good luck!
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    Shailee Sandhu820 days ago

    Use sendha namak or rock salt instead of routine salt, it helps a lot to maintain BP during pregnancy, I helps in digestion also

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Answer: Hello Some women develop high bp for dis u have to limit ur sodium intake with a healthy diet thats well balanced. You should avoid coconut water as it contains high contents of sodium. As the doctor has suggested make sure u take ur medications on time. Stay physically active until ur doctor cos this could lead to preclammsia . Hope I helped
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