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Question: i m 25 week pregnent....plz tell me which exercise is gud for me

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Answer: The fact that a mother is always concerned about her child during the crucial period of pregnancy, is nothing but the mere truth. From eating nutritious food to drinking plenty of water, every mother adopts a healthy lifestyle. One thing that is often relegated to the backseat, however, is physical exercise. Most mothers are afraid of physical activities, for they fear it is going to negatively impact the baby. What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy for Normal Delivery? Normal and safe delivery is something that every women dream of, so why not ease the process yourself. Below mentioned are some of the most effective exercise you can do to have a safe and normal delivery: 1)  Pelvic Stretch When we think about pregnancy exercises, pelvic exercises are the first thing that pops in our mind. Considered as the best exercise for having a safe and normal delivery, most women prefer doing it during pregnancy. A simple, but effective, exercise, it could be done on pretty much any platform. You could use a pillow, ball, or even a chair to do this exercise. To do this exercise, keep your feet firmly on the ground. Try to stretch your legs apart, and maintain a straight back. The movement will help your pelvis to stretch and shift onwards and backward. Repeat the exercise at least twenty times or till you are comfortable with the routine. 2) Angry Cat Pose We are all aware of the amount of pain that a woman undergoes during labor. While there is no avoiding the pain, we could reduce it a bit from our end. Pelvic tilts or angry cats are a great exercise to decrease labor pain. It strengthens your back muscles, as your back is under a lot of stress during pregnancy. To do this exercise, you will require a yoga mat. Get on all fours on the yoga mat, with your knees touching the ground. Pull your abdominal muscles inside and line your hips with your stomach. Hold the position for a second and then release slowly. 3) Opening the Hips One of the reasons that a woman’s pelvis, hips, and back are given importance is because these regions are under a lot of stress during pregnancy. Your hips play a crucial role during delivery and, hence, need to be strengthened for the job. Opening the hips is a great way of achieving that feat. It helps you to release energy from your pelvis, which in turn helps in an easy delivery. For this exercise do deep squats. Take deep breaths before doing the squat position.  Refrain doing this exercise after 36 weeks of pregnancy. 4) Swimming Swimming is not only an exercise but also a form of recreation. As such it is highly recommended for expecting moms. It helps to improve circulation and prevents your body from muscle injuries. Swimming also gives a boost of strength to your muscles and helps in overall fitness. However, it is best to avoid using hot tubs during pregnancy. 5) Squat Squats have always been a boon and bane for health fanatics. Seemingly easy to do, it takes a lot of effort to push the body, especially when it’s tired. They, however, play an important role during pregnancy. Squats are known to ease the delivery pain by loosening up your pelvic muscles. It gives the necessary pressure on your pelvic area and thighs, which makes it easier for you to bear the contractions. You can do this exercise either with the help of a holder or a gym ball. 6) Walking While the other exercises mentioned in the list are important, nothing could negate the effectiveness of walking. It is considered as the best exercise for expecting moms. Walking helps with pregnancy problems like constipation, high-blood pressure, and restlessness. It also stops you from gaining too much weight during pregnancy. It is an exercise you could do either at home or even outside at a park. Even a 30 minutes walk a day is beneficial for pregnant women. 7) Kegels Kegel exercise is also known as pelvic floor exercise. As your vaginal and rectum muscles go through a lot of strain during pregnancy, these exercises become essential for pregnant women. The good part of these exercises is that you can perform it anywhere and without even assistance. For this exercise, all you need to do is contract your pelvic muscle. Hold the contraction for a while and then release. Repeat this at least 15-20 times in a day. 8) Yoga An old form of exercise, yoga has varied benefits. Many pregnant women opt for yoga these days as it not only helps them in normal delivery but also keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the pregnancy period. It strengthens their core muscles for delivery and improves their endurance. 9) Downward Dog The downward dog position is considered as the best exercise to strengthen and support your thighs. The good part about this exercise is that you can do it at any stage of your pregnancy. As your thighs need to have a high holding capacity during delivery, this exercise strengthens your body for what is to follow. The exercise is also beneficial to get your baby into an optimal birthing position. For this exercise, you need to bend on all fours and extend your legs. Keep your buttocks pointed towards the sky. Hold the position for a second and then release. 10) Cobbler Pose Also known as the tailor pose, this exercise helps in opening up vaginal muscles and make it more flexible. As most women suffer from strained pelvic muscles during labor, cobbler pose is a good exercise to make your opening more flexible. It will also make it easier for your baby to pass through the birth canal with ease. a good stretch for your pelvis area. Benefits Of Pregnancy Exercises Other than the benefits already mentioned above, pregnancy exercises have many other good points. Here are a few to list down: They reduce the risk of Gestational Diabetes. Women often have a shorter labor and are less likely to develop complications requiring surgery if they exercise regularly during pregnancy. Reduces the strain and back pain. Helps to prevent or relieve constipation. Pre-pregnancy exercises also help women with postpartum recovery. It also helps women to quickly return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Seek your doctor’s advice before beginning any routine. It should not harm you or your baby. At times you may need to modify your existing exercise routine after consulting with your doctor.
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