33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 32 week pregnant women. .. from few weeks i felt lower pain and it's going all time. .I can't walk properly during the pain and even not sitting ... plz I'm so worried it's the labour pain or something else

Answer: Please help me with your latest ultrasound reports. Does it mentions low lying placenta Or baby in breach position Or it mentions about amniotic fluid being in the range of 10 or less Pain happens due to pressure from baby weight If your baby is more than 2.3 then you will feel pain as well as if you have a history of complication such as b.p or diabetes it will add to the body fatigue and hormonal disturbance. You can freely share your usg with me since the pain is from few weeks which indicates more of muscle tension pain. Take care.
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    Chandra Paul118 days ago

    I have done my 5 Month usg ..and my dr don't give me to do any other moth usg ..yes I have the problem of low lying placenta

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Answer: Dear it actually depends on person to person. Some have it during third trimester and some during the first trimester. Even the weeks differ. Like I had it during 8th month and did not had any pain after that. So if you are having it normal and if you are not having it then also do not worry very soon your will have. Hope it helps.
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Question: Am 32 weeks preg.. am lil worried how I will manage labour pain.. I am going for walk and regular check up.. is this common with all preg women ?
Answer: Hi....I am exactly in the same situation as yours. Very scared about labour pain.
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Question: 26 weeks pregnant and the veins in my left leg have become so tight. it's hurting. can't even fold my legs and walk properly. what to do?
Answer: give a hold and cold gel pack and try to do little massage with oil gently. it will give you relief. little bit exercise also helps in loosining the nerves.
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