14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 14 week pregnant today from 11 o clock I am getting heavy bleeding. I'm admit in hospital. But yet bleeding has not stopped. But sonography reports are normal. I'm very tensed Now

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Answer: If sonography is normal and UV noticed a heartbeat nothing to worry.tk good care n sleep with Ur legs raised n if Ur in the hospital pls avoid even going to the washroom n make use of the bedpan..I had bleeding for 8 days ...but it will stop eventually ..u jus have to tk rest n follow doctors advice n tk medication
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Question: From which week I can feel my baby's moments.... I'm now 14 week 5 days but I'm not feeling anything now.... Is it normal....
Answer: U may feel baby moments around 18 to 22 weeks n if it's ur 1st baby than u may feel it little late
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Question: Am 15 week pregnant and i was bleeding and admited in hospital now it stopped but som small blood clots are going sometimes is there anything to worry
Answer: Although the blood clots are small now,it should be something you need to report immediately to your doctor. Are u on progesterome supplements? If not,probably your doctor should start them soon. Go for a scan if required too.
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Question: I'm 8 weeks pregnant now. I'm having spotting and light bleeding from week 7. It has not stopped yet. My doctor said that the baby is healthy. Is there any reason to worry? Why is bleeding occuring?
Answer: Consult your doctor ASAP... And take complete bed rest
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