16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 16 week pregnant. Since past 1 week i m having lot of pressure in pelvic area. At times becomes difficult to walk. Is it normal?

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Answer: Hello, During this week baby start growing and you might be showing a little bump. Because of growing utras and baby weight So, it is normal for you to feel occasional sharp pulls in your abdominal muscles and ligaments, especially when you make any sudden movements. So it is completely normal. Don't worry at all.
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    Puneet Kaur Sethijisidixi933 days ago

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Question: I m in 35th week of pregnancy..since morning i m feeling heaviness in my tummy area..and feeling difficult to walk..is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal dear. Dear you may be facing braxton hicks. Braxton Hicks contractions can begin as early as the second trimester.  However, they are most commonly experienced in the third trimester. When this happens, the muscles of the uterus tighten for approximately 30 to 60 seconds, and sometimes as long as two minutes. Braxton Hicks are also called “practice contractions” because they are a preparation for the real event and allow the opportunity to practice the breathing exercises taught in childbirth classes. Some remedies :- Change positions. You can lie down if you have been standing or go for a walk if you have been sitting or laying Take a warm bath for 30 minutes or less Because contractions may be brought on by dehydration, drink a couple of glasses of water Drink a warm cup of herbal tea or milk Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello All, I m 6weeks pregnant & i m having lot of itching in vaginal area.. is it normal in pregnancy?
Answer: When you become pregnant your body undergoes lots of changes and one is vaginal discharge or white discharge. Normally it is called as leukorrhea which is thin white milky and little Smell.  Its normal in pregnancy and nothing to worry on. But in any point of time if you feel it's heavy discharge, more like watery urine kind of, change in color like reddish, pinkish, brownish , pale yellow and greenish with itching and burning that needs to be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. One of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy is candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection.
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Question: Hi i am 33 weeks pregnant n i feel a lot of pressure in d m pelvic area...
Answer: The baby is starting to drop and your pelvis is steching and getting ready to deliver. Also your baby is gaining most of its weight now and as you know your stomach is getting tighter. Try not to sit with your legs closed all the way( sit like the guys) that will take some pressure off and at night sleep with a few pillows between your legs. Keep walking just try not to put alot of added pressure on them.
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