29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 28 week pregnant on Monday i had done my sonography Dr told me that the baby is in breech presentation so the baby will remain in same position or it may change and will i have a normal delivery or c section please suggest me

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Answer: U r having lot of time dear b calm baby will change its position
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    Priyanka Mhatre649 days ago


Answer: the baby changes its position. Dont worry
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Question: I have 36 week pregnancy... My sonography report says that my baby is in breech presentation.. Will my baby remain is the same position from now..? Or it can be change..? What are the posibilities for normal delivery..?
Answer: ECV is one process through which baby position can be changed. it’s an intervention performed at a hospital, clinic or birth-care centre under ultrasound guidance. The doctor would use her hands to manipulate the baby’s position by carefully pushing on your belly and abdomen. ECV is usually best performed between 35-38 weeks, after nothing else has worked. The baby’s vital signs are monitored before and after the procedure.ECV has about a 40 to 60 per cent success rate. The procedure only takes a few minutes, but it can be very uncomfortable for women.
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Question: If the baby is in cephalic presentation in 28th week. After some weeks the baby position will change or it remain same. Please tell me
Answer: Cephalic presentation is the prefered presentation for normal delivery . So if that is what you are opting for u r in a good position. Also there is no way to know if your baby will change position or not .
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Question: Hi i just started with my 8th month and my baby is in breech position. Can the position change or it will remain same now ?
Answer: Chances of spontaneous reversion to cephalic are there as it is only 30 weeks. But if during 9 the month, baby is in breech, to go for c section Extra care to be taken from consultant side during surgery. As such no precautions from your side other than regular and timed follow up. All the best.
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