37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 36 week pregnant . My blood sugar random leverl 78 . Is it normal. Please tell me.

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Question: Dis is my second trimester i do all my medical test in that random blood sugar is 293 is it any problm? Please tell me
Answer: Hi,your sugar level is high,please.do proper ore and post sugar test this will help you to know the exact position.it us not a good sign ,you should immediately inform this to your Dr .in the mean while avoid all the sugary items and food that has carbs and oily food Cut down in rice and corn Avoid foods that have processed food and food that has preservatives
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Question: My random sugar level is 160 it is normal?
Answer: Hi, I think this seems bit more please control your sugar intake, carbohydrates intake and have fibre rich foods. you can have cinnamon water to control your sugar , do exercise and walking this also helps in sugar control. Hope this helps.
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Question: In pregnancy how much random sugar blood must be??my random sugar blood is 85mg??do I have sugar problem???please answer my questions
Answer: don't do random checkup.. for gestational diabetes u sshud check pre breakfast sugar which should b max 90-95 and one hr post breakfast should be between 80-120ml/ug..
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