33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 33 week pregnant.My baby FHR was 138 bpm at 2nd month.Then it increased to 153...then 156 and now in current USG at eighth month it came out 116 bpm. Is it normal that FHR alters so much??

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Answer: As u near ur delivery heartbeat reduces Do not worry baby is fine
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Question: Hi all my 27th week is running now. Yesterday doc. Checked fetal heart beats by doppler. It was 136 bpm. Before that it was always above 140 bpm. So i am worried that this time fhr somewhat less?
Answer: Hi dear, Foetal heart beats can vary with each trimester.not to worry,heartbeat between 120-160 bpm,is normal.
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Question: Hi.. Please tell me how much time pregnant m I? Last period was on 26th Dec.. Then I test on 2feb but it was - ve. Again I check on 9 Feb it came +ve.. So how much time is it??
Answer: Hi dear, All the calculations are done based on your last menstrual period.no matter when you conceived or when the test results came positive count it from 26 December.you would be to be precise 6 weeks 5 days Pregnant.and your due date would be 2 October .
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Question: My 1st ultrasound was done in 2nd month n today my 21st week has started n doctor prescribed 2nd ultrasound . So i went to lab. today n they said it will take 3-4 hours so before that u take ur lunch so i came back now plz tell me is it painful n why it takes too much time?????
Answer: Hello dear. Do not worry.. it is not at all painful.. it takes time because each and every body part of baby has to be examined properly.
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