10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 10 week pregnant is there any sign comes to know my baby is fine ?

Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Being pregnant itself brings lot of emotional and physical changes.and as a would be mother it's a constant thought if the baby is doing fine.so first of all relax,your baby is in a protective sac,where your placenta keeps providing nutrition through you.so eating healthy will keep you in peace that baby getting enough nutrition.secondly once you start feeling baby movements, regular movement would assure you that it's doing fine.lastly,your scans and blood works both Wil clinically proven your baby is alright.
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    mouzmeen siraj117 days ago


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Question: M 3rd week pregnant just for curiosity..Is there any symptoms to know baby gender
Answer: Hi dear there is no such way dear. It is a myth that with some different ways u can get to know . U need to wait till delivery.
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Question: I m 10 week pragnent, recently I got to know that I m hypothyroid ,it is 26.9.Is there any problems?I m really tensed.
Answer: Hi, relax dear. Sometimes due to hormonal changes in the body thyroid is developed. So don't worry consult your Dr and start medicines for thyroid. You should be careful that your thyroid levels are normal. Your thyroid may go away after delivery. So don't worry. Just follow your Dr and start the medicines. Take care.
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Question: Hi m 16 weeks pregnant from past 2 days when i go to do toilet it comes all black.. does anyone know why? Is there any problem
Answer: No its not a problem its black because of the iron tablets you are having. Iron supplements, taken alone or as part of a multivitamin for iron-deficiency anemia, may cause black stools or even green stools. Foods that are dark blue, black, or green in color may also cause black stools. Substances that can cause false melena are: Black licorice Blueberries Iron supplements Lead Bismuth (Pepto-bismol) A physician should be consulted immediately if black stools cannot be attributed to a benign cause, such as an iron supplement or a food.
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