32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i'm 30 week pregnant. In 7month scan the baby is breech position. It's any risk to delivery or baby

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Answer: Babies change position even in last months of pregnancy just keep doing your exercises and eat healthy
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Question: heloo hi i m 30 week pregnant my baby is in breech position what to do to correct the position
Answer: Hi, Please do not do anything to correct the position of your baby without consulting the Doctor. The Doctor is there to help you out and the baby. Breech babies are equally healthy as the others. Dont worry studies show babies turned at 36 weeks also so you still have chances. Good luck
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Question: Is that any risk in breech position baby????
Answer: More complications can occur if the baby is breech. When breech babies are delivered vaginally, they are more likely to be injured during or after delivery than babies who are delivered headfirst. Breech babies who are delivered vaginally are also more likely to develop a birth injury where the baby’s hipsocket and thigh bone become separated. Complications with the umbilical cord are also more likely in breech babies who are delivered vaginally. For example, the umbilical cord is more likely to be flattened during delivery, which can cause nerve and brain damage due to lack of oxygen.
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Question: 36th week mother...my baby is in breech position in last scan...any hope to come the baby in cephalic?
Answer: Yes still u may have chance for the head to turn cephalic. U can wait till 37 weeks also. During Ur last month of pregnancy Ur baby Wil not have enough space in uterus to move around as before. There are few cases where the head turns cephalic at 37 weeks also. So hope fr the best
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