7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i m 6 week pregnant.. I m PREDIBETIC.. My diabetes are normal now.. Is the diabetic medicine (Istamet) will affect on baby.. My bHCG IS 1763 AND AFTER 48 HRS 2310IS THIS NORMAL

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Answer: Dear your beta HCG test is completely normal and taking diabetes medicine will not do any harm to the baby just make sure that doctor knows that you are pregnant and after that only the prescribed this medicine...
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Question: I have diabetes problem and thyroid also.. will that affect baby? Am 6 week s pregnant
Answer: Have prompt treatment for both. Your baby will be safe.
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Question: Hii..I am 9 week pregnant..i am suffering from dry caugh badly..will it affect the baby..? And what medicine I can take to control this.
Answer: Hello! For cold you can gargle in warm water to ease the throat pain. Have ginger root tea or Chamomile tea. You can prepare a drink of the following in boiling water, honey, ginger, clove, tulsileaves and have it sip by sip when Luke warm it does work in cough and cold. For Nose blockage; You can try a safe nasal drop. Can take steam inhale and exhale. Please contact your gynae if persists for long time. Good luck!
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Question: I m diabetic patient, this month I m missing my period, so I m pregnant, n how I will protect my baby from diabetes
Answer: Please confirm that you are pregnant by blood test and consult the doctor immediately. They will guide you in a better way. All the best and take care
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