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Question: I m 8 week pregnant...i m feeling streching and littld pain in abdominal like feel in periods it ok ?

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Answer: Hi As the baby grows, your uterus is expanding and your ligaments are stretching your organs around uterus are forced to shift So slight pain can be expected however if the pain is severe it's best to consult with your gynaclogist regarding same
Answer: Don't worry it's normal just be in touch with your doctor
Answer: It's ok this time because baby growing
Answer: S
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Question: I m having streching types of pain in my abdominal is it normal at 24 week
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear Pains can be due to different reasons dear so please don't worry First kind of pain is due to indigestion dear Second is due to gas formation dear These are very common in pregnancies dear Take cumin add to water boil water till it becomes half the quantity add ghee sugar and drink it for three to four times at regular intervals of 15 mts dear Lie down rest well dear If your pain increases or any other symptoms appear then go to doctor immediately dear If pain dose not come down talk to your doctor dear Take care
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Question: 33rd week started, i feel pain like the pain in periods, is it all ok??
Answer: At this stage no it is not normal. As such pain is common in initial preganncy when ur baby is growing. But in third trimester it is not. It would be better if you consult your doctor to be on safer side. Hope it helps.
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Question: Feeling pain like periods since morning i m 8 th month pregnant is it normal
Answer: no us should wid dr 8 mnth is dangers so dnt take risk...go soon..god bless sai ramji🙏🙏🙏🙏
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