14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 13th week pregnant ,I get lot of anger which is not usual do I need to take any measures to control my anger I'm feeling stressed all the time

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Answer: Me also suffered alot with the same problem..this is because of harmonal inbalance at the time of pregnancy..be calm n listen music..read interesting books and talk with you r husband he will understand your feelings.. take more rest and sleep at least 10 hours a day n do walking daily morning and evening n take well balanced diet and enjoy ur pregnancy.. hope dis will help you..
Answer: Meditation is useful one
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Question: I'm 13th week pregnant of twins 2day I cried lot does it effect to my babies
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause sadness and anxiety. It does have impact on ur child. A child may have: 1 have problems sleeping, 2 may be delayed in their development, 3 have more colic, 4 be quiet or 5 develop skills or reach developmental milestones later than other babies. Involve urself in meditation, listen to good n soothing music , read good books .
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Question: I am getting a lot of anger and i feel it's harmful to my baby, how do I control my anger
Answer: Do yoga n meditation.. when u get anger count numbers from 1 to 100 untill u become cool
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Question: I am 9 week pregnant. I am feeling tired all the time. And i don't get time to take rest..... This will harm my baby
Answer: Have a good sleep at night time 8 to 10 hours.. if you don't sleep properly your baby will be harmed little so keep everything away yrs and baby health is very important and also take little quantity of food fruits or juice 2 hour once..U will feel better .. hope it helps.. take care
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