37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 36th week pregnant... i feel some pressure on my lower abdomen, actually high after lunch and dinner? is it sign of labor?

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Answer: Hello! No, it is not sign of labor. Your baby's is growing as a result it puts pressure on all the surroundings organs. After eating your stomach is dull and there is also continous pressure, that is why you experience something like this.
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Question: Sometimes i feel pressure on my lower abdomen and it is slightly painful... Is it normal
Answer: May be head fix might have happened check with doctor
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Question: Hello ...I'm 38 weeks pregnant..I have pain in lower abdomen and Lower back pain ..is it a sign of labor..plz mom's reply me..
Answer: Consult with your gyneac. It is but u have to check other symptoms too like a wetness or water coming out, and trust me the pain should be like screaming and the pain ll increase more nd more sometimes the pain is like a long heavy pain then it reduces for some mins and then again it ll come back. But labour pain doesn't go nd the pain is unbearable. Be sure about it first.
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Question: Hi I'm 31 weeks pregnant, I feel pressure on my lower abdomen and also feel discomfort while walking is it normal
Answer: Hi dear in third trimester of pregnancy it is absolutely normal to feel pressure in your lower abdomen and lower body part. As a uterus is expanding in size and you gainextra weight it's automatically create pressure on your lower body. If your baby is drop down to its position then its normal to feel your baby's weight in your lower abdomen and it will make difficulties during walking. It is normal dear & you should take proper rest and don't stand for longer time. You can do some light exercise like pelvuc tilts, back stretching butterfly Exercise to get some relief from this uneasiness. Take care.
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Question: I'm in 9 months of my pregnancy, I have got a severe pain in my lower abdomen after 2 to e minutes. Is it a sign of labor?
Answer: No Its normal in pregnancy period
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