28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 27 week pregnant Hi good morning mem can I sleep my back

Answer: Hello! when you lie on your back the pressure from your baby and uterus could press your vena cava (a vein that moves blood from your lower half to your heart) and could result in dizziness, blood pressure changes, or a possible blood flow reduction to your uterus. Its ok to back sleep in your first trimester but once things start to grow change it up. Its best to get into those habits sooner than later
Answer: Hi dear, Though, sleeping in left side is beneficial to you and your baby as in you it helps in preventing water retention,while in baby it is good for proper blood circulation.but no matter what third trimester moving around becomes very difficult.so sleep whichever way feels comfortable.but donot sleep on your back as it presses a large spinal nerve which could make you feel breathless and dizzyness.
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Question: Hi mem good morning I'm 34week pregnant and which week complete 8mouth Plss tell me
Answer: Hi dear, You can refer to the following table : Month 1- week 1 to 4 Month 2- week 5 to 8 Month 3- week 9 to 13 Month 4- week 14 to 17 Month 5 - week 18 to 22 Month 6- week 23 to 27 Month 7- week 28 to 31 Month 8- week 32 to 35 Month 9- week 36 to 40 So this would be your last week in 8 th month.your 9 th month would start from 36 th week.
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Question: Hi mem good morning I have loat of pain in my back Pls tell reason
Answer: Hi Good Morning, Dear back pain is normal during pregnancy because of excessive weight and pressure on back bone . so to get a quick relief relief do some mild hot compress on your back and also keep you posture straight...
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Question: Hai I'm 16 week pregnant..can i still sleep on my back and also sometimes sleep on side...pls answer me can I sleep on my back...
Answer: Hi! In pregnancy its advised to sleep on side and Its better to sleep at your left side which increases the blood flow to your placenta and your baby gets the nutrients it needs. Sleeping on your back at 16 weeks it may not bs a problem but later is not a good idea, as your blood vessels are pressed by the baby, and you will nauseated and dizzy also if you have a backpain it will increase. Good luck!
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