37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 36th week pregnant. from past two days baby movements became slow. how to know that whether baby is moving or not

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Answer: Hello! As the days of pregnancy advance, the space reduces due to which the movements of the baby also reduces. But make sure there are 10 good movements in 24 hrs or else call your doctor.
Answer: You can track movement after your meal.It should be 3-4 times after food
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Question: How do i know whether baby is moving or not.
Answer: U can feel ur baby's move from around 16 weeks..some may feel a bit later also..don't worry..enjoy ur pregnancy..!
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Question: I'm 31weeks pregnant, from past 2 days i am felling very less baby movements. Is it safe or not?
Answer: If u are not feel the movement u should visit ur dr immediately.
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Question: I'm 19th week pregnant. And my baby is not moving so much? As Once in a day or once in two days.. Is that normal??
Answer: hi dear your baby is too small to make its presence feel you frequently now , so don't worry your baby is moving in womb but the kicks are bit light and that's why you are not feeling it too much once your baby will start to grow the kicks will be regular and intense.
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Question: How to count the baby movements for twins, I feel baby movements but I don't know which baby is moving, and both of them are moving or not
Answer: Hi, you can count as usual for counting for single babies. lie down and count movements for 2 hours, if it less than 10 then contact your doctor. in case of twins more than movements, notice any changes in their usual movements whether they move more after food intake and now if they dont etc.
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