13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 12 week 6days pregnant...fetal heart rate 151bpm.. mean is it girl or boy???

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Answer: Hello dear hear beat rate is good and normal.. But it changes till the end of your pregnancy.. So your heartbeat cannot represent boy or girl.. there are many myths on the pregnancy carvings and belly bump.. but there is no scientifically proof about the gender...moreover whether it may be boy or girl what makes you difference.you are anyhow mother to both...so till the time of delivery it is a surprise for you .. be happy and enjoy with your surprise in next few weeks.. all the best..
Answer: Hii fetal heart rate is perfect. It's a myth that with heart rate u can predict gender of baby.
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Question: 5th Sep i took scan. Fetal heart rate is 151bpm. Its a girl or boy?
Answer: Hi, the heart rate of the baby can be anything between 120 to 180 however the heart rate does not determine the gender of the baby
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Question: 152 fetal heart rate is it boy or a girl?
Answer: Fetal Heartbeat doesn't decides its gender so please don't follow such kind of myth it's not a fact
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Question: My fetal heart rate is147 it becomes boy or girl
Answer: Hey dear don't think about gender.....just think God give us the chance of becoming a mother....and please note whatever we think it will affect the baby also....just enjoy the pregnancy....most precious time in women's life....
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Question: I'm 19 week pregnant ,my baby fetal heart rate is 166 ...is it baby girl?
Answer: No ... kuch nahi kaha ja sakta. It can be boy or girl
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