32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 32 week pregnant felling very less movement from few days

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Answer: Yes it is ok dear. Sometimes you will feel lots of baby movement and sometimes very low movement. Sometimes you will feel no movement at all. During my pregnancy for two day i was not feeling any baby movement so i went to the doctor and got a scan done. doctor said no problem at all. I saw that my baby is sleeping peacefully. I gave birth to a healthy baby through normal delivery and now my baby is 1.5 years old.
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    om nath1214 days ago


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Question: I m 32 weeks pregnant ..from few days i m feeling very less baby movement...what to do. Is there anything to worry...
Answer: Hi Your baby's movements may feel different in the last few months of pregnancy but he shouldn't move anyless than before. ... At around 32 weeks, your baby's activity will be at its peak. The number of movements you feel each day will plateau around this time but they should not drop off. After about 20 weeks, you should feel your baby should move every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the Energizer bunny, while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle.
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Question: from few days baby movement is very less..why??
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Babies’ movements change as they grow and develop, and they should become more frequent in the third trimester. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel anything from 16 to 45 movements an hour. If you don't feel the constant movements for more than 24 hours, please contact your gynecologist immediately. Take care.
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Question: I m 28 week pregnant but from 4 days i m feeling very less and slow movement is it normal? ?
Answer: Hi,try and take good rest.dont strain yourself more if baby movements doesn't increase consult.your Dr
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