14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 13th week pregnant... Can I get intimate with my partner

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Answer: If your 1st screening scan is ok you can try but both partner should not be too active. And if you feel pain/ discomfort unusual discharges after intercourse don't do again.
Answer: Hello... You can have intercourse after first trimester,if you notice any bleeding or pain,after intercourse please consult doctor,it is better to get their attention
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Question: I'm 6 wk pregnant...i want to know may i get intimate with my partner??
Answer: Dear sex is not recommended in ur first trimester. You can have sex after 12 weeks of ur pregnancy is complete if ur prrgnancy is not having any complication. Make sure there is no pressure on ur stomach while having sex. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby is 2 months old now. can I get intimate with my partner
Answer: Hello dear U should wait atleast 6 weeks to have Intercourse, till ur stitches are completely healed up and also till ur doctors give u green signals that u are perfectly fine to have sex.
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Question: Can I intimate with my partner I'm 7 moq\nths pregnant now. Please suggest me
Answer: Yes you can if you do not have any complications such as low lying placenta or seeing bleeding early in pregnancy weeks. Or having abdominal pain or on progesterone tablets for placental support Do not worry.
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