37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 37 week pregnant. but i m feeling pain since 24 hour at certain interval but no liquid discharge, constipation problem from 24 hr. is it a labour pain?. and what is the suitable time for hospital?

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Answer: constipation and light pain are normal part of pregnancy dont worry.
Answer: you have to go hospital immediatel.it is labour pain
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Question: I m getting contractions since 2days but no back pain neither any discharge from vagina is this sign of labour is near shud i go to hospital
Answer: Hello, if you are getting contractions continuously and if the pain is getting more every 2min or so then you should definitely meet a doctor this could be labour sign. sometimes it could be Braxton Hicks contractions as well which is the false labour sign please check this out and then meet the doctor.
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Question: Mera 9 month 19 feb ko complete hoga. but i am feeling pain at an certain interval from 24 hr, no liquid discharge, kya karun? i m confused is it a false labour pain. please help me, and let me know the details of labour pains and what is the suitable time for the hospital.
Answer: Consult with your gyne if u feel these symptoms. Blood or fluid leaking from your vagina, or a change in your discharge (if it looks brownish, it could be your mucous plug, which protects your cervix during pregnancy). Call your doctor right away if you have this symptom; your water may have broken. With our without pain, you'll feel like your stomach is making a firm fist. Call your doctor if your contractions strike every 10 minutes or more frequently. Braxton Hicks contractions are common now, too, but they come and go more randomly. You may have period-like cramps, with or without -- yuck -- diarrhea. You'll experience the sensation of your baby shifting downward in your stomach. You also may experience a low, dull, backache. Make sure to call your doctor if this occurs. If you're experiencing any of the early labor symptoms outlined here, find a quiet place where you can lie down, relax, catch your breath, and prepare for next steps. While you're resting, drink a couple of glasses of water or juice. Dehydration often causes cramping and water can easy your symptoms.
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Question: Today i have some brownish discharge but no pain is this sign of labour... I m 37 week pre
Answer: Hi dear....it could be a mucus plug....do not worry about it, you are near your labour....u need to consult your gynecologist as soon as possible...if you face a vaginal thick transparent discharge as well then you should use sanitary pads to avoid infection...
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