30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 30 week pregnant bt from yeaterday i hv vry rare baby movement what should i do nd before it was more movement

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Answer: Drink some cold juice and eat some chocolate then lay down on your right side and check the baby is moving or not if not then rush to the hospital
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Question: M 24 week pregnant from lst two dys m feeling vry less baby movements before that it was quite normal
Answer: As uterus starts really expanding so you may stop feeling movements as frequently. Try drinking lots of water and laying on your left side or drinking some orange juice to see if he/she starts moving around if you ever feel like you aren't feeling enough. Start doing kick counts. You are supposed to feel the baby kick about 10 times an hour. You may not always feel your child moving that much but as long as u can feel movements around throughout the day its is fine.
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