31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii I m 31 week pregnant aur mere right n upper side Mai bajot pain Ho raha hai kya karu

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Answer: it is normal.As your uterus is expanding,this causes your round ligament to stretch.Dont worry.If the pain is too much then visit your gynaec.Otherwise the cramps are normal.Give warm compresses at the place whr it pains
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    sangeet sneha1247 days ago

    thank you mam

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Question: Hiii i am 7 months 15 days pregnant . Mujhe two days se right side back pain aur pet mai pain ho raha hai aisa kyo ho raha hai
Answer: Your round ligaments, which stretch from your hip bones to your pelvic bone, help support your uterus during pregnancy. "They get stretched as the uterus enlarges, so people can feel a pulling sensation, usually around the hip bones," As you near the delivery due date, you will experience contractions. Muscle cramps increases as your belly expands and become bigger. The pains and symptoms get worse as days pass by. Walking and light exercise are a pregnant woman’s best relief to ease the pain. During 8 months pregnancy, your unborn child is bigger and more energetic. Thus, you will feel a lot of movements because of the extreme activities of your child inside your womb. Things will be a lot difficult during the last trimester because that little life is excited to see the world. However, there is no need to worry. Walk as much as u can...
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Question: i m 6 mnth pregnant nd aj mere right side hips mai pain ho rha hai kya kru
Answer: Hello dear like other pains hips pain is also normal. Sleep on your side with legs bent and a pillow between your knees supporting the whole length of your leg. This position will support the joints around your pelvis and hips. If this doesn’t help, experiment with pillows and cushions until you find something that suits you. Place a pillow under your bump to stop you rolling forward. Before your bump gets too big, try to "turn under" when turning in bed or turn over with your knees together and your buttocks squeezed. Put an extra layer of padding, such as a folded sleeping bag or quilt, above or below your hip joint, whichever best relieves your pain. Place a warmed wheat bag next to your hips.
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Question: Mere right side kamar se right side leg mai bohat pain ho raha hai..kya karne se dard kam hoga?
Answer: pregnancy ke time Hamari body Mein Kafi changes Aate Hain hormonal changes Aur Baby weight uterus bhi expand hoti hai is wajah se Baki body pain pressure padta hai ek normal baat hai. Garam kapda ya heat pack Laga sakte hain pain ke liye
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